Terms & Conditions

Parking Fees & Charges

  • The Parking Fee is payable to the Company quarterly or monthly in advance or as otherwise advised from time to time. Any other relevant Amount Payable is also payable to the Company in advance or as otherwise advised from time to time.
  • The Company may vary the Parking Fee or other charges at any time by giving existing Parkers one (1) month's written notice of the variation.
  • If any new fee becomes payable in respect of the provision of parking in the car park, the Company may give the existing Parker one (1) month's notice of that fee and at the expiry of that notice period, the Parker must pay the amount of that fee in respect of each vehicle the subject of these Conditions.
  • Payment for season parking is calculated on a monthly/quarterly billing cycle as stipulated for each car park and commences on the 1st day of the month to which the billing cycle relates. No pro rata or proportionate allocation of fees will be applied or refunded for any unused portion of the billing cycle, irrespective of when payment is made.
  • Failure to renew and make payment before expiry date for all season parkers will result in deactivation of season pass. If you have entered the car park using a parking ticket and subsequently renewed your season parking you will not be allowed to leave the car park using your Access Device without first paying the fee accrued for entering the car park using a parking ticket. No rebates or refund will be provided to you for such payment nor will you have your parking ticket validated for free. Please note that reminders are not obligatory but courtesy and each Season Parker is in charge of their own account/s. We will not take responsibility for Season Parker not receiving any reminder emails either in their email box or junk email box.
  • If you do not reactivate your Access Device due to late payment within two (2) month from the expiry date, your account will be terminated and you will need to submit a fresh season parking application to us.
  • I hereby agree to accept electronic invoice from KPF Niaga for billing an record keeping purpose. All amount shown on the invoice shall be due and payable as stated.

Denial of Access

  • Company is entitled to deny the Parker access to the car park if any Amount Payable remains unpaid after the due date.
  • If the Parker is found to have violated the conditions of entry and conduct to the car park the Company reserves the right to terminate the parking privileges.
  • In the case of multiple cards in a corporate account, all cards will be denied access if any amount payable remains unpaid after due date.


  • The season parking may be terminated by either party giving one (1) month's written notice to the other at any time.
  • The Company may terminate the season parking of all related accounts of the parker immediately if the Parker is in breach of these Conditions.
  • Access Device distributed to Parkers on purchased basis.
  • No deposit will be refunded if the Access Device is returned to the Company after the due date of the termination or non-renewal of the season parking.
  • The Parker must pay the amount RM50.00 charged by the Company for the replacement of a lost or damaged Access Device/s. Should the parker find and return the lost access device at a later date, no refund will be issued when a card has already been replaced.
  • Any verbal abuse, physical threat or intimidation of any kind or whatsoever to our staff, will result in an immediate termination of season parking.
  • Any Season parker found guilty of allowing other parkers use their card to enter or exit the car park are in breach of our Terms & Conditions. The Parker’s account will be terminated immediately and their cards confiscated. Additionally, depending on the severity and number breaches and violations, the Season Parker may be banned from using the services of the car park.

Bay Allocation

  • Unless otherwise agreed by us, the Parker will not have exclusive use of any particular parking bay.
  • Each Reserved bay is only meant for one (1) designated Parker only. Other than the designated Parker’s vehicle which is registered with the Company, other vehicles parked in a designated Reserved bay will be wheel clamped and a fine of RM50.00 will be imposed if no prior written notification of a change of the Parker’s vehicle registration number is provided to the Company.
  • The Parker with Reserved bay shall not allow other vehicles to park in such Reserved bay except for the Parker’s vehicle which has been registered with the Company.

Duties of the Parker

The Parker must:
  • Allow the Company access to any part of the car park at any time for the purpose of inspecting it, doing any necessary repairs or for any other
  • purpose specified by the Company;
  • Observe and conform to all the rules and regulations relating to the use of the car park and issued by the Company from time to time;
  • Use the car park only during its operating hours as varied from time to time; and
  • Where the season parking relates to more than one bay, maintain records of the relevant Access Devices and corresponding parker details and make them available to the Company when requested.
  • Enter the car park only with the Parker’s Access Device. No refund or rebates will be provided or validation of parking ticket will be accepted if the Parker does not enter the car park using the Parker’s Access Device. The Parker must pay for any parking ticket used to enter the car park before being allowed to leave the car park.
  • No Season Parker is allowed to park their car in any particular bay for more than 24 hours or over and above stipulated times of operation as the case may be, without written request via email and approval from KPF Niaga Sdn. Bhd. If no notification and approval is given, the Season Parker’s car will be clamped and fined RM20 per day.

Alteration of Terms and Conditions

  • The Company reserves the sole right to vary these Conditions by adding, altering or deleting any of them without prior notice and it is your responsibility to check on these Conditions on the website which are clearly displayed on Nest website


  • No time or other indulgence granted by the Company to the Parker will constitute a waiver of any of its rights under these Conditions or at law and the Company will not be precluded from exercising any such rights against the Parker.


  • Nothing in these Conditions create or will be construed as creating any tenancy or conferring any interest upon the Parker by way of lease or otherwise in the car park or any part of it.


  • The season parking is personal to the Parker and the Parker must not assign any rights or obligations under the season parking without the prior written consent of the Company.

Service of Notices for Bills, Statements, Reminders and any Communication.

The Company assumes no responsibility for any non-delivery of notices for bills, statements, reminders and/or any communication. All notices for bills, statements, and/or reminders and/or any communication shall be deemed to have been duly delivered in any of the following manners:
  • By email, by properly inputting the Parker’s email address on record, and noting that the email has been sent out without any delivery failure notification.
  • The Parker must communicate with the email address which they registered with the Company. The Parker is advised to check his mailbox (including Junk/Spam box) for any emails sent by the Company.
  • The Parker must immediately notify the Company if there are any changes to their email address.

Disclaimer of liability for use of Car Park.

  • KPF Niaga will not be liable for loss or damage to any vehicle or other property or damage or injury to any person or for the prevention of ingress to or egress from the Car Parking Spaces caused by unauthorised use of the Car Parking Spaces or any other part of the Car Park.
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