Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q - Will my access deactivate after due date?
A - Yes, if no payment received after the due, your access will deactivate

Q - I am using cheque.
A - Cheque payment acceppted. Kindly select payment method by cheque and return email proof of payment with cheque slip attachment.

Q - How about International Bank ?
A - International bank transfer acceppted. Kindly select payment method by TT (International Bank ) and return email proof of payment with bank slip attachment.

Q - I am not access to car park for a month, do i need to pay my monthly parking charges ?
A - Yes. You are only allowed to resume car park access once payment made.

Q - I am on maternity leave. Do i need to pay for my monthly parking charges?
A - No. Kindly apply for on hold via email. It is compulsary to attached clinical documentation.

Q - Can I pay advance payment?
A - Yes, up to 3 month advance payment. Kindly liase with our car park office staff for invoicing amend.

Q - Can I get pro rate charges if I am using the car park access for half month only?
A - No.

Q - Interested to apply for seasonal access device, tell me the next step?
A - Kindly fill up waiting list form. Our team will call if any available slot.

Q - My access device lost, do i need to pay for replacement?
A - Yes. RM50.00 penalty will be imposed. Replacement access device will be process once payment is received.

Q - My access device is returnable deposit or not?
A - Not returnable. Access device is sold to the paymaster.

Q - How to get an invoice?
A - Invoice issuance via email as per registered in application form.

Q - By when invoice will be issue?
A - Invoicing date on 15 th till 18 th every month.

Q - Can I proceed with payment if yet to get an invoice?
A - No. It is compulsary to fill up invoice sequence number before proceed with payment.

Q - Who is eligible for on hold application?
A - Pregnancy women nearly due date or any paymaster facing serious injury cases with clinical documentation.

Q - Can I resume my car park access after not paid for two consecutive month?
A - Access can be resume once outstanding payment been made.

Q - Where to collect my new access device?
A - Car park office. Our team will contact the paymaster once access device ready for collection.

Q - When is due date for access device monthly payment?
A - Individual account on 4th, corporate account on 10th.

Q - How to pay my new access device?
A - Kindly sign up to create account and select new pass.

Q - Can i make payment without sign up paymaster account?
A - No.

Q - Yet to get email notification from NeST and system show pending transaction after confirm payment method by cheque / TT (International Bank)
A - Kindly check your spam/junk folder. Please notify our team via email if there is no email received.

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